Established in 2004, eco-burner Ltd has revolutionised the chafing fuel industry by offering the ultimate solution to traditional gel and wick heat sources; the refillable Chafo. Safer, cleaner and greener than it’s alternatives, the Chafo is innovative and a game changer in the catering industry. The company is headquartered in Waterford, Ireland which is the manufacturing and sales hub and supplies customers on a global scale. Eco-burner are now present in over 35 territories which you can view here and are continuously growing towards new sales areas. The company has built a solid reputation within the hospitality sector and has attracted a customer base both in the end user market as well as the intermediary/distributor market.

Eco-burner design, develop and distribute the Chafo across the HORECA industry. The Chafo has unique and patented safety devices and is easy to fill with Eco-burner fuel, which is supplied in a recyclable aerosol can.

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