Where can I get the MSDS?
The MSDS for the Ecoburner fuel can be found here. There is no MSDS for the Chafo unit as it is a piece of equipment. 
Where can I get a copy of your instructions?
The instructions for use of the eco-burner Chafo can be found here and are available in multiple languages. 
Do you have any on-line training for users?
Eco-burner provide on-line training video and a follow-up quiz which are available in multiple languages and can be found here. Following successful completion of the quiz you can print a certificate for your staff training records. 
The Chafo won’t light?
If the Chafo will not light when the control dial is in the “MAX” position, turn the Chafo off and check if the OTV has been activated. Further details of how to identify if the OTV is activated and how to reset it can be viewed on our training video. If the OTV is not activated check the fuel level using either an eco-burner filling station or regular weighing scales. A full Chafo weighs 420g / 15oz. If the OTV is not engaged and the Chafo is full, turn the Chafo control dial to the MAX position and then attempt to light the Chafo. If you require further assistance please contact your local customer services team
The burner head is cracked, what should I do?
The Chafo should not be used if the burner head is cracked. Head replacement kits are available through your local customer services team.
Where can the Chafo be used?
The Chafo is designed to be a drop-in replacement for chafing wicks and gels and for use under chafing dishes, soup terrines and tea / coffee urns and samovars.
At what temperature does the over temperature valve turn the Chafo off?
The over temperature valve (OTV) will activate between 50C (120F) and 80C (175F) depending on the fill level of the Chafo at the time of activation. 
How many Chafos are required to keep my food warm?
This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on many conditions (ambient temperature, breeze, type of dish, type of food etc.). As a guideline, a Chafo is hotter than traditional gels and wick fuel so you will require no more Chafos than the gels / wicks you are replacing. As the Chafo burns hotter you may also wish to lower the temperature setting to make additional fuel savings. 
How quickly does the Chafo heat up?
The Chafo reaches it full heat output within about three minutes. 
How long before service should I light the Chafo?
As the Chafo reaches full heat output within three minutes, you only need to light the Chafo three to five minutes before service commences if you are starting with hot water in your chafing pan. 
How do I know if the Chafo is full?
The fuel level can be checked using either an eco-burner filling station or regular weighing scales. A full Chafo weighs 420g / 15oz. 
How long does the Chafo burn for?
A full Chafo will run for approximately five hours at the MAX setting and up to seven and a half hours at the MIN setting (Hotter than a wick type heat output).