As a leading resort chain with a world-class food and beverage department spanning several Caribbean islands, Sandals Resorts International is always keen on upgrading our operations and maintaining environmental best practices. Since adopting the eco-burner system, we have seen tremendous reduction in waste, since there is no longer the need to use and discard wicker burners.

As a company that hosts and participates in several large-scale, high-level outdoor functions, we have been pleased with the performance of the eco-burner system and in particular the windproof element. Eco-burner is easy to handle, allows us to adjust heat levels and has helped us to improve the quality of our offerings in general.

We are very happy with our decision to switch to the eco-burner system and even happier with the results thus far.

Sandals Corporate – May 2016.

  • Extinguishes if Over-Turned

  • Reduced Running Costs

  • Clean Burn

  • Refillable

  • Cool to Touch

  • Lights First Time

  • Up to 7.5hrs Burn Time

  • Adjustable Temperature Setting

  • Over Temperature Shut-Off

  • Clear Visible Flame

  • No Fuel Spills

  • Wind Resistant

  • Zero Fuel Waste

  • Cleaner, Greener, Safer

  • Recyclable Can

  • Made in USA & Europe

  • Reduced Storage Space

  • Clean Odourless Fuel

  • Zero Fuel Waste