The Eco Burner is a fantastic product. Since we have started to use the Eco Burner we have been able to be more flexible with where we can hold functions due to the Eco Burner being windproof. The Eco Burner is always cool to touch even after hours of use. This makes it much easier to handle compared to old gels & wicks that often required a heatproof glove to get in and out from the chafing dish. The safety features the Eco burner meets all of our ambitious safety standards which is one of the reasons why we made the switch to the Eco Burner in the first place. The Eco Burner is able to keep a chafing dish at the optimal temperature with only one unit whereas I would have needed 2 or 3 gels before to keep the same dish hot. With such an improved level of performance, it was a pretty easy decision to make to stop using gels and start using Eco Burner.
With all of the above advantages of the Eco Burner and the savings we make due to the lower running cost of the Eco Burner and the 0% wastage I can confidently recommend the Eco Burner to anyone.”

Jullian Robertshaw Executive Chef, Melbourne Racing Club


As a leading resort chain with a world-class food and beverage department spanning several Caribbean islands, Sandals Resorts International is always keen on upgrading our operations and maintaining environmental best practices. Since adopting the eco-burner system, we have seen a tremendous reduction in waste, since there is no longer the need to use and discard wicker burners. As a company that hosts and participates in several large-scale, high-level outdoor functions, we have been pleased with the performance of the eco-burner system and in particular the windproof element. Eco-burner is easy to handle, allows us to adjust heat levels and has helped us to improve the quality of our offerings in general. We are very happy with our decision to switch to the eco-burner system and even happier with the results thus far.

“Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort has been awarded Advanced Eco Certification by Ecotourism Australia. Located on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, The Resort has been recognized as one of the leading ecologically sustainable tourism operators in Australia, providing guests with an opportunity to experience and learn about the Island’s unique ecosystem with minimal impact. We are constantly trying to improve standards of our operation and implement eco-initiatives to make the island a role model in best environmental practice. Eco-burner is part of our strategy. Apart from being extremely cost-effective and a safer product, eco-burner is environmentally friendly with no fuel waste. Carbon emissions are reduced by 85%. We are very pleased with this product.”

Daniel Lukritz General Manager,Lady Elliot Eco Resort

We have made the switch over to the eco-burner Chafos and could not be happier.  Since we made the switch in November we are seeing around a 30% savings, as well as completely eliminating waste of partially used sterno products.  As Executive Chef I pride myself on limiting waste and this product does exactly that.  Our Ed Don Rep Bob Ellis came out and showed us all aspects of the product and the advantages it has over standard gel/wick sterno.  By Bob doing this it highlighted the safety features built into this product like the fact that it will put itself out if it tips, and extinguishes when no water is present in the waterpan.  We look forward to continuing to use the eco-burner products and seeing the advancements in the future products.

Joe Nagel Executive Chef, Envision Catering & Hospitality

My restaurant, Pavilion Grille in Boca Raton, Florida does 40+ catered events yearly as well as many Dinner Buffets on a regular schedule. We have been using eco-burners to heat our chafing dishes for approximately one year. The experience we’ve had with the product is overwhelming. Eco-burners are safer, more efficient, easier to use. Overall, we never use traditional sternos anymore.

I would highly recommend eco-burner to any restaurant that uses a chafer for hot foods. Furthermore, if someone would like to contact me I’d be happy to answer their questions.

John Perez Owner, Pavilion Grille

Provo Golf Club/Fairways Bar & Grill have been using the eco-burner products for the past two years and have found them to be an excellent product. Being an indoor/outdoor venue the eco-Burner product has been found to be much more efficient in keeping the food warmer in both ideal conditions and especially in windy conditions. On a cost effective basis we have found them to be equal with the other products used and we especially like the environmentally friendliness of the product.

If you should have any questions in regards to the products, please contact me at


Sean Wilson Associate Golf professional/Food & Beverage Manager

We are delighted to be a pioneer in implementing eco-burner in Asia, a system suited to the ecological design of The South Beach (Singapore). Eco-burner is designed for the environment and perfectly complements our Luxury & Lifestyle Hotel of Design.

We found the innovative design to provide many benefits, including increased safety for both our staff and guests. The system’s performance ensures The South Beach delivers high food quality while being dedicated to the well-being of both people and the environment.

It’s great to see a genuinely new product in our industry. The South Beach is excited to be a pioneer in our region to use this system, in a venue of many firsts.

The South Beach - Singapore

Over a twelve month period we have been using the Chafo for our chafing dish requirements. We have identified a cost saving in excess of 40% through the eliminaton of wastage of part-used gels/wicks.

In addition to this, every hour of fuel in the Chafo is used and provides substantially more heat at a lower cost.

Relative to traditional gels and wicks the Chafo is cleaner, significantly safer and service levels from eco-burner are consistently high.

Dominic MacKen Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Limerick

Pallas Foods have been distributing Chafo in Ireland since 2009. We aim to be first to market to bring quality and innovative products to our customers in Ireland.

Chafo offers safety and cost savings to our customers and the customer feedback has been excellent. The Chafo product has seen year on year sales growth for Pallas Foods since its launch.

Diarmuid Geary Pallas Foods, Co. Limerick