EcoBurner for catering events – A chat with Graham from Fresh Food Events

Fresh Food Events is a husband-and-wife firm based in South Wales that cater for events for families, businesses or celebrities. With a focus on weddings, Graham and Lesley pride themselves on tailoring their catering services according to each wedding couple or individual. They ensure the wedding couple get exactly what they would imagine. Graham has been using the EcoBurner for catering events as he feels it adds benefits to his business and gives him an advantage.

Disappointed with the package catering services available to them for their own wedding, they asked a local hotel for something different which just wasn’t delivered to their expectations. So while on honeymoon, the newlyweds updated their business plan to attack the wedding market.

Their first wedding was in June 2018 and although covid had a huge impact, they were both working around the clock again with two or three weddings every Wednesday and Saturday of Summer 2021. Their team is made up of seven permanent staff and 30 casuals with Lesley as Lead Chef and Graham overseeing delivery, front of house and all logistics. This allows Lesley and her team to focus on creating great food. With 2022 fully booked already, Graham is now taking bookings for 2023 as people everywhere are playing catch-up on events missed to covid.

How they operate

Great food is at the core of what they do but service and looking after their clients is an essential part of it. The food is cooked at their commercial kitchen, and they generally cater to events within an hour and a half radius. The team use thermal boxes to transport the food and Graham travels ahead to set up the on-site kitchen where they prepare the chafing dishes that are all kept warm using EcoBurners.

From castles and country houses to roadside support events, Graham, Lesley and their team at Fresh Food Events can go anywhere using the EcoBurner as their portable heat source.

Why Graham uses EcoBurner

Before using the EcoBurner for catering events, Graham had been using gels which were single-use, so they had to be thrown away after every event. He switched to EcoBurner because of his genuine environmental concern, he had already stopped using plastics in favour of compostable or recyclable take-away containers and he felt the gel burners were just too wasteful. Nobody likes having to throw away metal tins containing wasted fuel after every event.

Graham also mentions that the danger of having hot-to-touch gel burners at the buffet at events like weddings when everyone is enjoying themselves was a big safety concern. The constant need to shop for gel burners was also a pain point for him so the convenience of having EcoBurner refills ready to use also influenced his decision to switch.

Graham came across the EcoBurner at the Good Food Show in Birmingham where he chatted to the guys from our UK distributors, Flomatic and decided to give it a go with the purchase of 12 EcoBurners. He now uses 25 EcoBurners and intends on purchasing more with the increase in events to come.

When I was chatting to Graham, he mentioned the fact that it’s not just the reliable, easy-to-use product that makes him such an EcoBurner fan but the reliable customer service he receives from the Flomatic and EcoBurner teams is what makes him feel like he’s being so well looked after. Graham spends his life looking after other people at weddings and events and feels that the back-up he gets from the Flomatic and EcoBurner teams is excellent.

He ended our meeting with

…it’s a good product, we’re glad we came across it, it’s got the environmental angle for us, the reliability, they work really well, are really effective, what’s more do I want.

Well all I can say is thanks so much to Graham for sharing his experiences of using EcoBurner. It’s stories like his that make us feel like the products we supply really do make a difference in todays world of catering.

Watch what Graham has to say about EcoBurner

After chatting to Graham, I asked if he wouldn’t mind recording some of his kind words which he very kindly agreed to so here’s a little video of Graham sharing his experiences of using EcoBurner.

How to start using EcoBurner:

To find out more about using the EcoBurner for catering events, visit

Or if you have a restaurant, hotel or catering business in the UK and you want to start using the EcoBurner, contact Flomatic as they are the official EcoBurner distributors in the UK

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