VAT free chafing fuel available in Colombia

VAT free chafing fuel

Great news, our fuel now comes under the VAT free chafing fuel category in Colombia, thanks to its major carbon emissions savings. It is clear that the government is starting to understand the benefits of using more sustainable systems in the hospitality industry. This latest move towards actively encouraging businesses to seek out sustainable solutions is welcome news for EcoBurner.

EcoBurner’s VAT free chafing fuel is a much more sustainable option for heating food at buffets for three main reasons;VAT free chafing fuel
  • EcoBurner emits 75% less carbon than most other typical buffet fuels.
  • No wasted fuel – the EcoBurner is refillable, so every drop of fuel can be used every time.
  • Reduces waste going to landfill. The typical gel or wick chafing fuel pots are generally only used once. They are then sent to landfill along with whatever leftover fuel remains. Using EcoBurner means none of these wasteful metal pots ending up in landfill.


The new Colombian national carbon tax was created in response to the commitments that the country assumed under the Paris Agreement. It seeks to discourage the use of fossil fuels and gives the government economic tools to encourage compliance with greenhouse gas mitigation goals. The new law favours EcoBurner fuel and has categorised it under this new VAT free chafing fuel category. Our distributors in Colombia are very happy with this classification. A rate of 5% duty tax is all that is charged for EcoBurner fuel which makes for great savings. If you are in Colombia and interested in EcoBurner products visit our distributors Facihogar or if you are anywhere else in the world visit our website, choose your location on our contact page and you can find your local distributor.

This new law in Colombia is overall a great initiative. The law can act as a bench mark for other countries to consider. It can also encourage them to use more sustainable options like EcoBurner fuel to achieve their sustainability goals.