EcoBurner - The Safe & Sustainable Buffet System

What is the EcoBurner

A refillable burner that is placed under chafing dishes to keep food warm at buffets. It is used to power the full range of EcoServe but you can convert any chafing dish to be Powered by EcoBurner.

It is the SAFER, CLEANER and GREENER alternative to gel or wick chafing fuels and is changing the way buffets are presented around the world. Simply swap single-use gel or wicks for EcoBurner to improve the safety of your staff and the sustainability of your venue.


Always cool-to-touch.
Automatically shuts off if over-turned or over-heats.
No open chemicals.


No toxic fumes.
No black smoky residue left on chafing dishes.
No risk of fuel spills.


Zero fuel waste.
Zero waste to landfill
Less Carbon.

EcoBurner Products

The EcoBurner is filled with EcoBurner fuel and placed under chafing dishes to heat buffets. If our EcoServe range is not being used, we recommend using the EcoBoost to maximise efficiency under any chafing dish.

Instructions for Using
the EcoBurner

Simply fill the EcoBurner with EcoBurner fuel, turn it on by twisting the handle anti-clockwise, light it with a stick lighter, adjust to the required setting and position it under the chafing dish in an EcoBoost bracket or EcoServe unit.

Step 1


Step 2

Turn On

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Step 5


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