EcoBurner Wins Award For The Most Innovative Hotel Products

Innovative Hotel Products

We’re delighted that one of our distributors, Tovari have received an award for ‘The Most Innovative Hotel Products’ with EcoBurner at the recent Horecatel Show. The Innovation Award is an opportunity to put new, innovative and original products or services from the hospitality sector in the spotlight at the recent Horecatel Show held at the WEX, Exhibition and Trade Centre, Belgium.

After having made their pre-selection, the four-person jury consisting of Mieke Masyn (FoodServices magazine manager), Yves Van Moorter (provincial chairman of Horeca West-Vlaanderen), Piet Desmyter (editor of Evolution Media Group), Stefaan Van Laere (editor of Horeca Magazine) went to the various stands to critique and gain a thorough insight of all the proposed nominees to discover the most innovative hotel products.

After much deliberation and considering all applicants, the judges managed to narrow down the nominations to just five finalists. Out of these five nominees, EcoBurner came out on top. It was mentioned that the jury favoured the EcoBurner due to its safety and sustainability aspects. The EcoBurner is designed to be the perfect replacement for gel and wick chafing fuel pots. It gives the user more control and causes less waste. EcoBurner also goes out if accidently knocked over, does not spill, feels cool-to-touch (even during use) and switches off when there is no more water in the pan. We feel the jury appreciated all these factors when making their decision and realised that EcoBurner is not only the sustainable option, but also the safer option. To find more information about EcoBurner visit

Well done to everyone at the Tovari team on this great win for the most innovative hotel products award, it’s very rewarding for us to see the EcoBurner gaining such great recognition in Europe. Its also great to see these type of awards driving innovation for companies to produce better, more eco-friendly products.

Tovari supply the hotel industry in Belgium and The Netherlands so, if you would like to start using EcoBurner check out