Eco-burner Burns Bright at the Melbourne Racing Club

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Always interested in hearing what our chef’s have to say, eco-burner were thrilled to receive this glowing review from Jullian Robertshaw, the executive chef at the Melbourne Racing Club in Melbourne, Australia:

“The Eco Burner is a fantastic product. Since we have started to use the Eco Burner we have been able to be more flexible with where we can hold functions due to the Eco Burner being wind proof. The Eco Burner is always cool to touch even after hours of use. This makes it much easier to handle compared to old gels & wicks that often required a heat proof glove to get in and out from the chafing dish. The safety features the Eco burner meets all of our ambitious safety standards which is one of the reasons why we made the switch to the Eco Burner in the first place. The Eco Burner is able to keep a chafing dish at the optimal temperature with only one unit whereas I would have needed 2 or 3 gels before to keep the same dish hot. With such an improved level of performance it was a pretty easy decision to make to stop using gels and start using Eco Burner.

With all of the above advantages of the Eco Burner and the savings we make due to the lower running cost of the Eco Burner and the 0% wastage I can confidently recommend the Eco Burner to anyone.”

The Melbourne Racing Club is is one of Australia’s most vibrant sporting and event providers and home to the world famous Melbourne cup which attracts participants and spectators from the world over every year. Eco-burner is wind resistant, is 100% refillable and keeps food at the correct temperature for longer making it a perfect match for the busy catering needs of the Melbourne Racing Club’s catering team.

Eco-burner’s Australian distributors are Table Direct. To learn more about eco-burner’s safer, cleaner and greener chafing fuel solution, get in touch today!