The SAFER Buffet System

Ensure your staff are safe - Stop using gel & wick pots

The call to eliminate gel and wick pots from hospitality settings is getting louder. Hotel managers realise the dangers of having these pots of chemicals near food and most have heard stories of terrible injuries resulting from the mishandling of these single-use items. 

EcoBurner is different, it’s the safer option for staff to handle.

Always Cool
to Touch

Patented safety devices within the EcoBurner means that it never gets too hot for staff to handle.


If the EcoBurner is accidently knocked over, it will shut off automatically which reduces fire risk. Gel and wick pots are known in hospitality for causing burns to staff because of mishandling so EcoBurner is the safer option.

No Open Chemicals

The fuel within the EcoBurner can’t escape so there’s no risk of spills. Whereas gel and wick pots are made up of nasty chemicals that have been known to spill causing harm. Again, EcoBurner is the safer choice.

A word about MSDS

EcoBurner is non-toxic, requires no PPE and is fully approved for use in the vicinity of food. Our MSDS sheet carries much fewer warnings than any gel or wick product. As EcoBurner fuel burns in the EcoBurner, it produces minimal Carbon Monoxide making it a safer choice for heating buffet near staff and guests.

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Safe Staff & Guests

Any hotel manager that has used gel or wick pots knows the possible dangers such as the pots falling over accidently and igniting. Nobody should take that risk to staff or guests. The chemicals within gels or wicks are often poisonous if ingested and special protection equipment is recommended when handling them so it’s not surprising that many corporate level managers are taking the decision to ban gels and wicks on their premises.

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